Archery & Eats

There are tons of places to eat while you are visiting Highland Bow. Breakfast, lunch and dinner! Here are a few places nearby:

1. Highland Bow is located right next door to a restaurant which will be opening under a new name in the spring of 2018.

2. The Dancing Moose Cafรฉ is just a few kilometers North. They have healthy and sweet choices and top notch ingredients, delicious coffee and their signature: Dutch Pannekoek. They have gifts, books and the coziest cabins and cottage!

3. Just beyond the Dancing Moose you will find the Wreck Cove General Store. They have pretty much everything a traveler could want, including great ice cream, gas and a huge variety of convenience items, but they also have hot food, BBQ and other special treats on depending on the day of the week! They also have a set of cozy cabins to rent, as well. 

4. If you are coming from the Jersey Cove / Tarbotvale exit, make sure to check into the Clucking Hen Bakery & Cafe.

5. Best Pizza Ever! Check out Simply Pizza for supper.