TAANS Shoot Menu's


To save you time to eat with your fellow shooters on site, we recommend you order lunches online or at morning registration, or bring your own. There is a BBQ and outdoor kitchen shelter available to shooters if you have your own food that you want to cook - all we ask for is a donation of your choice.

BEVERAGES such as pop, juice and bottled water will be on sale on site all weekend long.


BBQ Sausages & Kraut

- BBQ Sausage, Sauerkraut, condiments of choice.
- Plain chips

Made by the Wreck Cove General Store
$10 for 1 / $15 for 2 - plus HST

Bagged Lunch

Made by The Dancing Moose Cafe

- Your choice of ham, turkey or veggie sandwich (Includes greens, tomato, mayo)
- Homemade white or whole wheat bread
- Homemade muffin
- Fruit (apple, orange or banana)

$13.50 Plus HST

Vegetarian Lunch

- Vegetarian (and vegan) soup of the day.
- Veggie Sandwich on homemade bread.

$15.00 Plus HST

Lobster Roll Platter

- White bun with chunks of lobster & mayo
- Crunchy plain chips
- Homemade pie for dessert.

Made by The Mermaid Seeker
$15.99 Plus HST

Turkey Sandwich

- Turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce on a fresh bun.
- Crunchy plain chips.

Made by The Mermaid Seeker
$9.99 Plus HST

Piece of Homemade Pie

- Get Trina's delicious homemade pie.
- Choose your flavor at registration!

Made by The Mermaid Seeker
$4.95 Plus HST