Mary Theresa Jessome: Mentor

Sport Coach & Fitness Enthusiast
Primitive Longbow Shooter.

I met Mary and her boyfriend Russ at the range. They brought their own bows which is always exciting for me and we became friends quickly. Mary is a great shot! I have asked her a few questions to share with you below.

How did you start shooting arrows? 

At a very young age, my father would be practicing shooting as he used to hunt and I would watch him. He saw my interest and taught me to shoot traditional archery. 

I shoot with a traditional long bow that was custom made for me by a family member. 

Why do you think you are drawn to pick up your bow and practice?

It’s a great way to relieve stress being outside shooting. I’ve grown up out in the country and being outside was always a part of who I am.

Most of the time I practice in my yard. There’s lots of room to change up the targets or to change the angle of the shot. If I’m not shooting there I’m up at Highland Bow & Arrow.

Why are you a mentor?

For the past number of years I’ve been involved with dragon boating which involves coaching and training teams, new members, and going to the annual Cape Breton Unionized Trades Dragon Boat Festival. Watching everyone have fun is so rewarding. Lots of positive energy and laughs is what I try to have every aspect in my life. 

My father always said “shoot true” when he was teaching me, and not just in archery but in life as well. I want to share my experiences and love for the sport, and show others how they can "shoot true" in their own way.