Shooting bow and arrow is a skill that can be traced back approximately 64,000 years. This primitive skill played a major role in our species' survival and enabled human beings to excel at hunting and become the apex predators we are today. Over time the traditional bow and arrow (longbow or recurve bow) has modernized (compound bow) and is enjoyed worldwide through shooting sports and hunting. 

Archery on Cape Breton Island began with the Mi'kmaq people who hunted for survival in the same area that Highland Bow & Arrow exists today. In keeping with the "tradition" of our history, we are proud to offer recurve and some longbow options, as well as the guidance toward the proper form and stance to safely shoot archery. 3D targets are included at the range to help inform people of ethical hunting practices.

Who can shoot archery?

Nearly anyone! The first bow is suitable for ages 6 and up and it goes up from there according to age and experience. The best part of archery is that whole families can participate together, including the grandparents. Various draw weights (the weight you pull when drawing the bow string) are available to suit the needs of the shooter.

Is archery accessible to everyone?

Yes! Highland Bow site is accessible. I have a washroom on site that can be accessible for those who can move from a wheelchair, otherwise there is an arrangement with the restaurant next door (The Mermaid Seeker) and their facilities are fully accessible.

There are archers with no arms, blind archers, and many archers shooting from wheelchairs. There are no limits. If you prefer to watch, there are more than enough places to choose from, including a fire pit and outdoor kitchen.

Is there instruction?

Yes! Not only do you get the proper instruction, you get a chance to hone the skill and enjoy the sport. Jay (owner/instructor) will guide you as you shoot and adjust your technique as needed throughout the hour.

What can I shoot at Highland Bow?

There are a variety of targets! The majority of which are made from 100% recycled materials. There are also 3D targets you can check out here.

How do I sign up!?

See the homepage for How It Works.
If interested in booking a group or special event, check out the Book Your Group page.
Check Facebook and the announcement bar at the top of this page for closures.