Classic Mesh Back

Comfortable hats that let you adjust the size and give your head some breathing room! $30 plus tax.

Shoot Arrows Tee

Unisex Tee with youth sizes available.
$25 plus tax.

Long Sleeve TRAD

These unique shirts will set you apart from the compound shooters. TRAD and proud! $30 plus tax.

Midnight Oil Special

Incredible new tee's designed and printed by Midnight Oil Print & Design Shop. $25 plus tax.

Highland Hoodie

Comfy and sporting the ancient arrowhead and traditional arrows. While quantities last. $50 plus tax.

Camo Hats

Embroidered with traditional arrows and arrowheads. $30 plus tax.

Handmade Bow Socks

Currently sold out! will re-stock when open in June. These protective socks have fur at the top and inside-bottom to cushion your bow when travelling. Helps keep bows dry and protect from scratches. $40 plus tax.

To order merch, shoot me an email!